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"I purchased this power bank for my son who moved to Orlando. He loves Disney and uses it at the park. He can’t stop taking about it. On a trip, our family fought over who could use the Boosa to recharge. I have now decided to buy 3 more so I don’t have to share. We love Boosa!"

Brian Dowd

"I am on my phone all day at work. Boosa sits on my desk like a fixture. I plug in twice a day to recharge. I always feel like my phone is fully charged and ready to go. You never know how much you'll use it until you have one. Love it."

Todd Rogers

"I don't have an outlet close to my bed and my Boosa power bank gave me full charges of my phone for three nights in a row. It's also been great for things like going to the community pool where power sources are hard to find."

Ryan Farmer

"My lil’boosa (that's what I call it) revived a good friend of mine's dead iPhone from zero to 60% in about 30 minutes. The Boosa hadn’t been charged for 4 days. I’ve taken lil’boosa to Mexico, California, Chicago, and NYC. It’s been my power for all my mobile devices and I love it!"

Vernon Ross

"My Boosa is lighter than my other charger, and starts charging as soon as I plug my phone into it. On days when I have meetings all over town (frequently), my Boosa comes with me or I’d have a dead phone by 10 a.m."

Edward Domain

"I can’t recommend Boosa enough. My company, Hot Charlie’s, has been saved at numerous events with my Boosa keeping our point-of-sale system charged. I guess having a Boosa is similar to the invention of sliced bread. I didn’t realize I had an issue until I was presented with a solution."

Charlie Backer

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