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Boosa Midi M1 Power Bank - Ultra Slim 5000 mAh High Speed USB-C Portable Phone Charger

12 month warranty customer service with love 30 day return policy free US shipping

The Boosa Midi M1 Power Bank is an ultra thin, lightweight, portable 5000mAh phone charger that'll give your iPhone 15 almost one full charge.

What sets Boosa apart? A unique blend of features found in no other power bank on the market!

1 - Runway Ready - Boosa is so beautiful, it belongs out on the town!

2 - Lightweight - weighs only 119 grams!

3 - USB-C - The next generation of power delivery, and Boosa has it! (most power banks don't)

4 - Pass-Thru Charging Technology - It's science!

5 - Powers Itself On (and Off) - Boosa is easy as hell to use. No on/off switch!

6 - Durable 25-Hour High-Capacity Battery Charger Performance

7 - Three Versatile High-Speed Charger Ports - With the ability to charge three devices at once, Boosa will save you and your loved ones every time!


    Boosa Tech Midi M1 Key Features:

    Ultra-slim 5000 mAh Capacity Portable Battery Charger - only 8mm thick!
    Micro USB Input
    2 x USB-A Outputs: 5V, 2.1A
    1 x USB-C Output: 5V, 2.1A (doubles as input port!)
    Four-Light LED Power Indicator
    Lithium Polymer Battery
    Weight: 119 grams
    12 Month Warranty


    What's in the box?

    You'll receive one Boosa Midi M1 5000mAh compact power bank, one USB Type-C charging cable, one deluxe white storage box to give Boosa a place to rest when not needed, 12-month warranty, and one heartfelt tear-jerking thank you note displaying our social media handles. 

    What's NOT in the box?

    You will not receive a power wall plug adapter (we sell those), lightning cable for your iPhone (we sell those, too), or flashlight (we gave you a USB-C charging port instead and besides, your smartphone already has a flashlight bruh ...). And NOTHING bulky in this box. Just lightweight, slender power! 


    Boosa is the Premium Power Bank for 2023 and Beyond 

    Boosa doing this, Boosa doing that
    But don't tell him I said it, cause my Jeep might get wetted
    Forget it, go on take her word like the Koran
    Y'all stay friends, I stay in Boosa-filled Benzes
    (RIP Biggie Smalls)


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