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Chris Reimer Chief Power Officer Boosa TechHi! My name is Chris Reimer and I'm Founder and Chief Power Officer of Boosa Tech. I started Boosa in 2017 with the hope that we could put a power bank in the hands of every traveler, camper, parent ... anyone who needs their phone to stay powered up no matter what. And while there are many power banks on the market, not enough mobile phone users even know these things exist. They frantically search airport walls for an available outlet, and feel a tremendous amount of anxiety while doing so. I hate to see this, so it's time to get a Boosa in their hand. Also, not many of today's portable phone chargers offer a next-generation USB-C port, and none are as pretty as Boosa.

My dream for Boosa is to provide you the very best power bank money can buy, and then I want you to put it in your pocket or purse and go travel the world. Travel changes a person, and almost always for the better. We citizens of the world need to get some perspective on each other, and venturing to places unknown, places that are new and exciting and that even make us a little uncomfortable, is the most fun way to learn about ourselves. Travel more, travel now, before it's too late!

Chris Reimer Chief Power Officer Boosa Tech

Fourteen fun facts about me (all 100% true):

  1. I'm married and have two daughters, both of whom sometimes work for Boosa.
  2. I used to be a CPA, but am now an award-winning marketer and communication consultant. I'm possibly the only human alive who has made this bizarre career leap.
  3. I once ran a funny t-shirt company called Rizzo Tees, which is how I escaped the world of accounting.
  4. I wrote a book called Happywork, which is probably my biggest achievement to date. Available on Amazon!
  5. My first entrepreneurial venture was looking for lost golf balls on the golf course behind our house, finding them, and selling them back to the golfers. I was 10-12 years old with an all-cash business that wasn't drug dealing.
  6. Entrepreneur Magazine named me one of the top five Twitter accounts in the world to follow.
  7. I once piloted the TGV, the French bullet train, and got it up to 300 kph.
  8. I have trained Yemeni freedom fighters on the "proper" use of social media.
  9. In 2011, I saved a bakery from closing with a massive PR and social media campaign.
  10. In Moscow, I had a gun pointed straight at my forehead. The guy didn't shoot me, but did knee me in the balls. Someone also tried to sell me a wife, and I spent several hours in a Russian jail.
  11. I'm an ordained minister of the Universal Life Church (the same church that ordained Conan O'Brien). I've married two couples, but am now retired.
  12. Fun Twitter facts: Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert used to have me blocked. For some reason, Richard Branson follows me.
  13. I drink coffee in the morning, water all day, and wine at night.
  14. I'm an extrovert, but I might be an ambivert. I love meeting new people, but sometimes being alone is cool, too.
  15. I enjoy helping people find jobs, which includes spiffing up their resume and LinkedIn profile, getting them to think deeply about what they really want to do, and helping making connections.

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