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Boosa Tech power banks

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How do I charge my cellphone?

Plug your mobile phone’s charging cable into your phone, and then plug the other side of the cord into one of the USB ports on top of Boosa. The LED power indicator lights on the side of the unit should light up and stay on. Then check your phone to ensure that it’s charging.

I want to charge my phone. How do I turn on the Boosa?

No need to turn it on. Just plug a phone into it and the Boosa turns itself on and starts doing its thing. PLEASE NOTE - this is a pretty helpful feature. Too many times with competitors’ power banks, you plug into them and forget to press the button to turn on the device. YOUR PHONE NEVER CHARGES. You wake up and your phone’s at 1% before a long day out of the house. That’s a total nightmare for you, but plug into Boosa and that will never happen.

So why is that button on the side of Boosa even there?

It’s only there to light up the LED power indicator lights on the side of the unit, which tell you how much power the unit has left. So pressing the button does not "turn Boosa on," nor is Boosa turning off when the lights go out.

How much power does my Boosa have?

Your Boosa Macro M1 power bank has a 10000 mAh capacity. “mAh” is milliamps, the standard measure of storage capacity for batteries. So, so boring … just think of it as 10000 power pellets in your pocket.

So how many times can it charge my phone?

It will charge an iPhone 8 about 3.5 times, and a Samsung Galaxy S9 about 2.5 times. During testing, the Macro M1 kept an iPhone 7 off the grid for 50 hours straight during heavy usage. No electrical outlets for over two days!

Well I charged my phone a couple times and I got different results. 3.5 times my a$$

All cell phones are different. Some are big, some are small. Some are brand new, some are old. Different brands have different battery capacities. Larger phones have larger batteries, which will take more of Boosa’s power. As you guys know, batteries in older phones get tired. Remember when your new phone held a charge so well, and now you’re at 30% by 9am? That phone may not charge the same way it used to. So charging phones with power banks IS a science, but knowing exactly how many charges you’ll get out of your Boosa is NOT.

How long will it take to charge my phone? (IMPORTANT, please read)

If you’re charging up from 0%, the first 80% should happen in about an hour. The science of batteries and electricity and such means the charging current will start to reduce when you get to 80-90%. And that means the last 10-20% seems to take a while. It’s not your imagination - that last few percent does indeed take longer. Our best advice is that, if you’re in a hurry, get your phone up to 70-80% and go. (And take Boosa with you no matter what!)

Why didn't you provide me a charging cable to charge my phone?

Who likes reading? Watch this video.

How many devices can I charge at once?

You can charge up to 3 devices at the same time using the two USB-A (old-school USB) ports and the one USB-C port, all on top of the device.

Is Boosa compatible with my phone?

While we have not tested Boosa with all modern smartphones worldwide, Boosa is compatible with just about every small electronic device that can be charged via USB. This includes iPhones, Android, Apple Watch, Fitbit, Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, and Teddy Ruxbin. 

I'm charging my iPhone and it says "Accessory Not Supported." Why me, WHYYYYY 😭?

This will sometimes happen when your power bank is nearly out of power. It's Boosa's way of saying, "Charge me!" You'll receive the message "Accessory Not Supported" and your phone will stop charging. When it happens, press the button on the side of Boosa and see if you're down to one light. If yes, it's time to charge your power bank.

Can Boosa charge iPads? How about the Nintendo Switch? Can it do my laptop? Will it charge my Tesla? Can it jumpstart my car?

YES! The Boosa Macro M1 is great at charging iPad minis. It’s good at charging larger devices like the iPad or Nintendo Switch. The Macro M1 can charge an iPad from 0 to almost 100%. If you're actively using the iPad, you may not get up to 100%, but it will keep your iPad up and running longer than if you hadn't used a power bank. Laptops require a higher voltage than Boosa offers, so the Macro M1 would not be your best option. And no, keep Boosa away from the charging systems of automobiles. Just not a good idea.

Does Boosa have pass-thru charging? And what is pass-thru charging?

Yes, it has pass-thru! If you have your Boosa plugged into the wall for charging via the micro-USB port on the side of the unit, you can then plug your phone into one of the USB ports on top of Boosa, and your phone will also charge. So your phone is getting charged by Boosa while the Boosa is getting charged by the wall outlet.

What is USB-C?

It's the middle port on top of Boosa. USB-C is the next-generation, industry-standard connector that can transmit both data and power. It’s now in use on most new Android phones, and on many new laptops. It's a superior technology, and the hope is that it will eventually replace USB-A (the other two ports on top of Boosa - the USB ports you're used to using). By the way, everyone knows why USB-C is preferable to USB-A. Because it’s reversible! Man you know it takes a minimum of THREE ATTEMPTS to get a USB cord plugged in!

So is USB-C the same thing as Apple’s Lightning?

No. Lightning is the proprietary connector that Apple uses on its iPhones and iPads. It is also reversible, but it’s not the same kind of connection as USB-C. Basically, the charging port at the bottom of iPhones is Lightning, and the charging port at the bottom of most Android phones is USB-C.

So you’re talking about Android here. Can I still use Boosa with my iPhone?

Of course! iPhones can be charged with an Apple Lightning cable plugged into one of the two USB-A ports on the Boosa. Android phones can be charged with a USB-C to USB-A cord, or a USB-C to USB-C cord (which most new Android phones come with).

Will it charge my cat?

Meow you got to be kitten me! Seriously, do not plug this into your cat. Don't even wanna hear about it.



How do I charge my Boosa?

Grab the hilariously short micro-USB cable included in the box, plug it into the side of the Boosa, and then plug the other side into your USB wall outlet. The unit is fully charged when you see four solid lights that aren’t blinking.

Are you sure you gave me the right charging cable?

Yup, we're sure. The short little cord that comes in the bottom of the box plugs into the side of Boosa, not the top. Look for the inconspicuous micro-USB port on the side of the unit. (Fun video to watch here)


How long does it take to fully charge the Boosa Macro M1 power bank?

Approximately 8 hours - this is a job best done overnight.

How do I know how much power my Boosa has left?

Press the button on the side of the unit. Four lights means you’re at full power, three lights means you have about 75% left, two lights means 50%, one light means about 25%, and no lights means it’s toast - time to recharge the unit.

I haven’t used my Boosa in a few months, and it’s no longer fully charged. WUHHHH?

When not in use, your Boosa will retain much of its power. But over time, it’s going to lose just a little of the power it had stored. Think of it as water evaporating. If you’re getting ready to use Boosa again, recharge it to full.



How much does shipping cost?

Free, always. Boosa Tech eats up that shipping cost!

How will you ship my new best friend to me?

We use the U.S. Postal Service, first-class. You will hopefully receive your shipment in 3-5 business days. If you order two or more, we send those Priority Mail, which typically arrive in 1-3 business days.

Why don’t you ship to countries other than the United States?

To be honest, we haven’t yet figured out the various regulations in other countries. And it's super-expensive to ship internationally.

Boosa Tech power banks 


What payment methods do you accept?

Boosa accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. We also accept PayPal, Google Pay, and Apple Pay. Yes, on your iPhone using the Safari browser, you can pay with Apple Pay. Try it - it's way too easy to buy things online with Apple Pay. We have yet to try Google Pay ourselves.

I’m having trouble placing an order, and it’s pissing me off. Your move.

Wait, wait! Don’t go anywhere. If you’re having an issue of any kind, send us a note at hello@boosatech.com. Inquiries in ALL CAPS will get priority treatment.

I hate this thing and I want my money back

This is making us all sad at Boosa HQ, but if you bought it in the last 30 days, you can send it back and get a full refund. Ship all of the contents (power bank, cord, box) to Boosa Tech, 6424 Kinsey Place, St. Louis, MO 63109

I think this thing might be defective. What do I do?

Nothing is more important to us than the quality of our products. We want you to be happy! But if something's not right, please send an email to hello@boosatech.com and let us know what’s going on. We may be able to help. Second, we manufacture to the highest standards, but if your unit encounters any issues within the first 12 months, send it back for a full refund. 



How can I safely use my Boosa power bank?

Here are some tips: do not expose Boosa to extreme temperatures or moist environments. Keep away from liquids. Boosa does not like toilets. When not in use, store in a dry area. Do not disassemble the unit or apply excessive pressure. There is nothing to jailbreak here, so leave your Boosa in one piece. Best to not stab at Boosa or try to saw through it. Don’t do the BlendTec blender thing - that’s so 2006. Boosa does not like open flames because it’s not a marshmallow. Boosa is rugged but does not like to fall from high shelves. When at the beach, try to keep sand out of Boosa. Do not bury, juggle, or play catch with Boosa. Basically, use all of the common sense you have.

Can I take Boosa on a plane?

Uhhh you'd be crazy not to. There's nothing else to do on a plane but mess around on your phone. It's best to take Boosa with you in your carry-on so TSA can inspect it, and so you can use it while you sit in your cramped coach seat eating seven pretzels.



What's with the name “Boosa?”

While we would like to say that it’s sort of a play on the word “boost” - your phone needs a boost, right? - it’s really nothing of the sort. Boosa is a nickname we accidentally gave our two Siamese Flame Point cats. And it just sounded really cool. Remember, we’re on the Internet right now, and the Internet is owned by cats.

Is it a phone?

This is the most hilarious question we receive, but it kinda makes sense. Boosa comes in a fancy white box, and in the box it lays in a bed of velvet. Somewhat like cell phone packaging! And it’s similar in shape and size to today’s mobile devices (it’s smaller than the biggest phones). But no, it’s not a phone. You could take Boosa out in public and pretend to make calls and mess with people. Take a video of that and send it to us LOL. #BoosaPrank

Why would I need a power bank? Or a portable phone charger? Or an external battery pack?

Did you know that “Nomophobia” is the fear of being away from your mobile phone? That’s a real thing! Our phones are a lifeline to our friends, our work, and our social media. We use our phones to FaceTime with our loved ones, to start our cars, to board airplanes, to check the weather, to call an Uber, to monitor our health, to learn new languages, to take photos, to wait for that text from our loved one saying “I made it home safe” - to stay connected! What happens when your phone dips below 10% and you’re not near electricity? STRESS! Nomophobia is so real, but so curable. Boosa is lightweight, easy to hold in your hand or put in your pocket or purse, and can keep your phone powered up for days. Take a Boosa power bank with you on planes, trips, camping, class, the train, the subway, if you have to sit for hours while your kids are at soccer practice - anytime you’re away from a wall outlet, a power bank like Boosa will change your life.

I wish to discuss this power bank on social media. Please provide fax or telegram instructions

Friend, let’s stick to our favorite social media channels. We’re @BoosaTech on Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. Use the #BoosaWorld hashtag to show us pics of you out in the wild with your Boosa. At Boosa Tech, we celebrate the joy of travel. Please, PLEASE, we would love to see your travel photos. Post pics of you and your Boosa using the hashtag #BoosaWorld. We'll add the best ones to our blog and social media accounts.

I want to get paid straight cash homie to promote Boosa. Gimme money

Join our affiliate program! You'll get 20% of any sale you push our way. Whether you're a travel blogger, a YouTube unboxer, or just someone who wants to tell everyone about Boosa, our affiliate program is your ticket to ride. Apply today!

My Boosa is starting to get a little dirty. How can I clean it?

No bubble baths! Use a slightly damp cloth to wipe Boosa down. We do not recommend cleaning products, and NO abrasives.

Cheaply-made power banks usually have a worthless, weak flashlight. So where’s the flashlight?

We gave you a state-of-the-art USB-C charging port where you’d normally find the flashlight. And besides, your phone likely has a blindingly bright flashlight.

What are the specifications on the Macro M1?

Input: 5V - 2.1A

Output: 5V - 2.1A

Capacity: 10000 mAh (37 WH)

Cell type: Lithium Polymer

Weight: 200.4 grams / 7.06 ounces

Dimensions: 5.25 in x 2.75 in x 0.5625 in


Why isn’t this for sale on Amazon?

Because we don’t need Amazon. We can go on this journey together, just you and us, and we don’t need the richest man in the world or his help to do it. #BoosaWorld

I want to contact Boosa Tech now. How?

Use the contact form on our website!