Boosa USB Type C Android Phone Charging Cable

Boosa USB Type C Android Phone Charging Cable

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The Boosa USB Type C Android Phone Charging Cable is the perfect conduit between your Boosa power bank and that sleek, beautiful Android phone you're so addicted to. 

What sets this Boosa charging cable apart?

    1. Durability - this cable is beefy, manufactured to the highest standards. This thing isn't fraying, or your money back.
    2. Compatibility - for all of your charging and syncing needs, you'll be able to use this with 99% of Android phones.
    3. Affordable - at 6 bucks flat, grab a few and stock up because you know these things magically disappear. They're like the lost sock in a pair; WHERE does that damn sock go???
    4. Works With Nearly All Phone Cases - with a low-profile, compact head, you'll be able to plug in no matter what sort of case you're using with your phone. 
    5. Peace of Mind - backed by Boosa's worry-free 12-month warranty
    6. What you get - One 3-foot charging cable (1 meter long, if you're into the metric system), our worry-free 12-month warranty, and personal customer service. Boosa will always be here for you!
    7. The Truth - ultimately, it's even hard for us to get excited about this. We're probably breaking some sort of marketing rule here ... Look, it's a white charging cable for your Android. Unless I can lasso a drink with it, it will always just be a phone charging cable. Just charge my phone so I can get back to roasting people on the Internet.

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