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Boosa Macro™ Power Bank - Fast 10000mAh USB-C Portable Phone Charger for iPhone and Android

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12 month warranty customer service with love 30 day return policy free US shipping

For just $36, you'll never get stuck with a dead smartphone battery ever again!

The Boosa Macro M1 Power Bank is a beautiful, fast 10000mAh external battery pack that will charge your smartphone to 100% up to 3 times. The Macro is our best-selling product, and for good reason! Boosa Macro is the portable phone charger of choice for thousands of our customers, who trust it to keep their iPhone or Android phones up and running during traveling, gaming, long soccer practices, jury duty (or anything that bores you as much as jury duty), and any other activities where you need your phone to stay safe or keep from going crazy!

Why is this Boosa external battery charger for you?

  • Free U.S. shippingon orders over $25. We ship via UPS from our St. Louis, MO headquarters within 24 hours of your order. You'll receive your Boosa merch in 2-5 days
  • You need 50 hours of phone uptime in your pocket. Start your day with a charged up Boosa and phone, and you won't need a wall outlet for over two days
  • Macro can charge your smartphone up to 3 times
  • You're on the go, constantly on your phone for business, staying in touch with family, on social media, or just fending off boredom!
  • You get nervous when your phone battery dips below 10% (or 50% lol), and you don't have time or patience to deal with a dead smartphone
  • You have an older phone with a weak battery that drains too fast, but you don't want to buy a new phone yet
  • Macro has a USB-C port - next-gen phone charging. Faster, more reliable, fully reversible (less frustrating!)
Boosa is so beautiful, it belongs out on the town Stunning not fugly small Lightweight weighs only 199 grams USB-C USB Type-C The next generation of power delivery and Boosa has it (most power banks don't Pass-Thru Charging Technology It's science turns itself on automatically Powers Itself On and Off Boosa is easy as hell to use. No on off switch!  Durable 50-Hour High-Capacity Battery Charger Performance charge your iphone 11 three times Three Versatile High-Speed Charger Ports With the ability to charge three devices at once Boosa will save you and your loved ones every time power bank portable phone charger battery bank


What are the benefits of owning a fast portable phone charger?

  • Boosa Macro is a FAST iPhone charger! Who wants to wait?
  • Boosa can also charge your Android phone, iPad, Dexcom CGM device, Apple Watch, GoPro, and more
  • Never get stranded with a dead smartphone battery - security and peace of mind for you and your family. Your low phone battery causes stress. Instead, make your smartphone invincible.
  • Turns itself on and off - smart! Just plug your phone in and Boosa Macro turns itself on. Worry-free experience knowing your phone will charge every time
  • Boosa charges itself up fast via the USB Type-C port
  • Simply put, keep your phone ON and fully charged up 365 days a year. Why? You don't have time for a failing smartphone battery - it's a safety issue



Why should you trust Boosa?

  • Read the reviews. Boosa Macro is a lifesaver, the best power bank on the market, and our customers swear by our products
  • Pay securely via PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Venmo, Shop Pay, and all major credit cards
  • 12-month warranty - if anything goes wrong, we take care of it
  • 30-day return policy. We just want you to be happy
  • U.S.-based customer support. We quickly answer questions at hello at BoosaTech dot com. If you're having problems with your Boosa, email us at Support at Boosatech dot com
  • You can also message us anytime using the chat feature (lower right of our website). We'll answer as quickly as possible!


Specifications and features 10000mAh 37WH battery capacity 2 usb-a outputs 5v 2.1a 1 usb type-c output 5v 2.1a doubles as an input port micro usb input use as a backup input charging port four light led power indicator dimensions 5.25in by 2.75in by 0.57in pass-thru charging turns itself on and off all by itself lithium polymer battery weight 199 grams outer shell rubber coating 12 month warranty


What do we ship you?

  • One Boosa Macro 10000mAh power bank
  • One black USB Type-C charging cable, used to charge your Boosa (find it in the bottom of the box)
  • Product arrives in an attractive white box, so it makes a great gift
  • In spirit, you also receive a 12-month warranty. We got you covered
  • Support via the chat functionality on our website, email support at support at Boosatech dot com, and instructional videos on our videos page

What's NOT in the box we send you?

  • A wall plug power adapter (we sell those)
  • A cable to charge your iPhone or Android (we sell those, too)
  • A built-in flashlight. We gave you a useful USB-C port instead, since your phone already has a bright flashlight

Boosa is the Best Portable iPhone Charger for 2023 and Beyond 

It was all a dream
I used to read mobile magazines
When I ran outta juice up in the limousine
I got Boosa's Juicy Tech to make calls!
(RIP Biggie Smalls)


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