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October 04, 2018 1 min read

Danielle Smith Boosa Tech traveling power bank

Thank you Danielle Smith for featuring Boosa on your list of 10 Ways to Stay Organized While Traveling! She's right - at first glance, it would seem odd to include a power bank on a list of ways to stay organized. But Boosa helps you save yourself - a dead smartphone while traveling is a huge problem. Massively stressful, you can't contact anyone, no Uber to be called, your airline ticket might be on that phone ... avoid stress while traveling! You don't need that trouble. Just carry a small power bank (like Boosa, 'natch), and that silly low battery problem is cast aside!

And Danielle, thank you for traveling with Boosa and sending us so many amazing photos. Thanks to you, we now have Boosa action shots in Paris, Uganda, and Croatia! Keep on traveling!



Chris Reimer
Chris Reimer