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February 10, 2019 1 min read

In this video, we explain what a Boosa Power bank is!

On a few of our Facebook ads, we've received questions like, "Is that a cellphone?" Or, "What is that thing?" Or, "Maybe you should tell us what the device does." We sometimes forget that everyone's not a gadget junkie, and not everyone uses their cellphone 24/7. Portable phone chargers are second nature to Boosa Tech, but there are millions of people who've never even owned such a device.

So ... the Boosa Macro M1 is a portable phone charger, sometimes referred to as a power bank, a juice pack, an external battery bank, a phone charger, a travel charger, and a portable charger. (Seriously, NOT just doing that for SEO - people really do have many names for Boosa!)

Charge up a Boosa, plug in your phone's charging cable, and you're basically a walking wall outlet!

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Chris Reimer
Chris Reimer