What Comes in the Box? A Boosa Unboxing GIF

When you buy a Boosa Macro M1 Power Bank, you’ll receive:

1 - A 10000 mAh power bank, at least half-charged (and probably about 75% charged)

2 - A micro-USB charging cord - this is for charging the power bank itself. Plug it into any USB wall adapter

3 - A really nice, heartfelt thank you note from Boosa ... that hilariously does ask you to leave a review on Amazon  SCRATCH THAT! We ain’t sellin’ on Amazon. Please leave all nice reviews right here on BoosaTech.com!

4 - A comfy white box with velvet insert. Your Boosa can sleep in here when not in use 

5 - P.S. instructions are on the bottom of the box