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January 10, 2019 2 min read

Boosa Tech Press mentions public relations

Here's a compendium of recent press and blog posts featuring Boosa Tech:

1.) Boosa was featured on CBS46 in Atlanta, which was our first TV appearance in company history! While there was a little user error in the video (she tried to charge her iPhone with the Boosa micro USB cable WHOOPS), it was an incredible experience to see Boosa on TV in a top 10 media market! Thank you Jennifer Valdez for taking good care of us on the tube. Watch below:


2.) Boosa was featured on's 2018 Tech the Halls Holiday Gift Guide.

3.) Thanks to for featuring Boosa on their Gift Guide for the Person Who has Everything! This website seemed like a clutch place to get great Black Friday deals, so super-stoked to make it onto the site.

Boosa Tech Black Friday Gift Guide for the Person who has everything

4.) Always a fan of whiskey (mostly wine, who am I kidding), Boosa was featured on WhiskyNSunshine's 2018 Tech Gifts for the Holidays list. Gotta scroll down for a bit to find Boosa, but I have to say this was a helluva tech gift list. I need to pick up a few items here for Boosa World HQ.

5.) LOVING this: Boosa made it on Jessie on a Journey's list of 27 Amazing Gifts for Solo Female Travelers. (We were no. 13). Solo travelers do need to take extra steps to ensure their safety, and portable power is a must! Wayfinding, being able to call or text in an emergency ... take a portable phone charger with you whether you're traveling alone or in a group!

6.) We were a Men's Stocking Stuffer recommendation on We especially loved the kind words for Boosa in this post. men's stocking stuffer Boosa tech

7.) Boosa's new Midi M1 power bank got a great review from Her 3 Little Thinkers. Like she said, for emergency purposes, everyone should carry a slim power bank

8.) Loved this one because I appreciate their message AND it generated some sales! Boosa luckily made it on to the AfterEllen 2018 Gift Guide for the Gay Girl! How about this for a quote? "The Boosa finally got the charger right. Your girl will never be without power." That's right!

Bridgette Raes Style Expert Boosa Tech

9.) Style expert Bridgette Raes featured Boosa on her site as a Friday's Fab Find, and this one also pushed some serious sales! Like she said, someday you'll be kicking yourself for not buying a Boosa!

10.) Shandi from Mama Dews did a nice Boosa Tech product review on her site.


Chris Reimer
Chris Reimer

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