Pink Boosa is Coming! Here's How to Get One

Pink Boosa power bank

UPDATE BELOW: Due to LOLZZZ customs delays, we have new Pink Boosa release dates.

In just a matter of days, we’re going to have a special new color offering. The 10000mAH Boosa Macro M1 is going to be offered in super-limited edition PINK!

We’re only going to have 40 Pink Boosas at launch, so it’s the rarest Boosa EVAAAR. In fact, it’s so rare that even the wife and children of Boosa are NOT getting one of these unless they pay for it. They want one and they’re pissed 😭, but we gotta take care of #BoosaWorld first.

We’re going to release Pink Boosa in waves of 10 at the introductory price of $36. Each lot of 10 will be released to the general public in this manner:

Week of October 29 - An email announcing release of the first lot of 10 will go out to our email subscriber list.

Several days after that (hopefully around Halloween) - The announcement of the second lot will go out via our Facebook page.

Week of November 5 - The announcement of our third lot will go out via our Instagram account.

Several days after November 5 - The fourth and final lot will be announced via our Twitter account.

This means that you need to tune into to Boosa Media!

  1. Subscribe to our email list
  2. Like our Facebook page
  3. Follow us on Instagram at @boosatech
  4. Follow us on Twitter at @BoosaTech

All Pink Boosas will be first-come, first-serve - no complaining, no under-the-table deals! - so you’ll need to tune in real deep via our social media and email list.

It's a pink world, and we're just lucky to live in it. I can't wait to get these in your hands! #PinkItsMyFavoriteColor

Boosa Tech pink portable phone charger