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January 10, 2024 2 min read

What do I wear under ski pants?

Under ski pants, opt for thermal layers that efficiently wick moisture away, such as merino wool or synthetic fabrics. These snug-fitting base layers form a crucial thermal barrier, keeping you warm without compromising movement. Choose quality thermal tops and bottoms to ensure comfort and optimal performance on the slopes.

How to Dress for the Slopes

Embarking on a skiing adventure requires careful consideration of your attire to ensure both comfort and functionality. While choosing the right outer layers like ski pants and jackets is crucial, what you wear underneath is just as important. In this article we’ll discuss everything you need for a day of skiing besides your outer coat.


Step 1: Base Layers 

The key to staying warm during your time on the slopes lies in quality base layers. Opt for moisture-wicking materials such as merino wool or synthetic fabrics like polyester. These fabrics efficiently pull sweat away from your skin, keeping you dry and preventing the discomfort of clamminess. Choose a thermal top and bottom that fits snugly but doesn't constrict movement, providing an effective thermal barrier between your body and the outer elements.

Step 2: Insulating Layers

Layering is the secret to mastering variable weather conditions on the slopes. Insulating layers, such as fleece or down jackets, should be added over your base layers. These layers trap and retain heat, providing an extra buffer against the cold. Depending on the temperature, you can adjust the thickness of your insulating layers to maintain optimal warmth.

Step 3: Ski Pants

Skiing often involves encounters with snow, and a good pair of waterproof and breathable ski pants are essential. However, moisture can also come from sweat, so it's crucial to wear waterproof and breathable base layers as well. Look for ski pants made from materials like Gore-Tex or similar breathable membranes that prevent water from penetrating while allowing moisture to escape, keeping you dry from both external and internal sources.

Step 4: Needed Accessories

These finishing touches will lock in your warmth on the slopes. Wear moisture-wicking socks to keep your feet dry and warm. Additionally, consider investing in quality gloves or mittens and a well-insulated hat to protect your extremities from the cold. Goggles and a neck gaiter are also essential for shielding your face from wind and snow. Finally, keep a Boosa Tech portable charger with you to ensure your phone stays powered up!

Dressing appropriately under your ski pants is essential for a successful and enjoyable skiing experience. By layering strategically with moisture-wicking base layers, insulating mid-layers, and waterproof outer layers, you'll stay warm, dry, and comfortable on the slopes. Don't forget to accessorize with quality socks, gloves, and other essentials to ensure a well-rounded and protective outfit. With the right gear underneath your ski pants, you'll be ready to tackle the mountain and make the most of your winter adventure. Happy skiing!

Chris Reimer
Chris Reimer

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