Donating to a Hurricane Florence Victim, Because I Can

I found this tweet while searching the term "phone died." It's a thing I do here at Boosa - I find tweets of people complaining about how their phone died. I sometimes respond, and sometimes turn them into blog posts. I'm trying to make the case that phone chargers are important, while simultaneously having a little fun.

In this case, Hurricane Florence had Breeanna stuck in an attic with a dead cellphone. According to subsequent tweets, she made it out OK. But according to this GoFundMe page, she and her family lost everything. So this isn't fun at all.

I donated a small amount to her fund in the hopes she and her family can put their lives back together. Breeanna, you need it more than I do. Me and my family wish you health and happiness.

Please consider making a donation using the GoFundMe link above.

I've never been through a hurricane, so I have no idea what it would be like to try to prepare for one while the pressure's on. All I can say is that, if you're putting a Hurricane preparedness kit together, put several fully charged power banks and charging cables in it. Our brand, any brand - having a charged up phone could save your life.